Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Greetings, fellow Trek fans!

Rabbi as  "Captain Gershom"
An old photo of me as
"Captain Gershom"

The old website that hosted TrekJews went down a while back and, although I saved the pages and claimed "TrekJews" as a blog here, I kept procrastinating about getting  anything done.  There were just too many other projects on my plate.

But then I had to get something up here, because a few days ago I was interviewed by a columnist from the Jewish Daily Forward, who is working on a piece about Judaism and Trek.  Plus the TrekJews.com URL is in my book, and  old links to it still exist all over the Net.   It was time to get rid of that dreaded "404 Page Not Found" message and point the URL to someplace real.  (Or at least, some place that exists virtually -- whether this blog is "real" or not will be up to you to decide.)

I'm still tweaking the layout, so this blog may look different from day to day until I get it right.  (Pasting in the old material creates some weird effects here, which are tedious to track down and correct, but my geeky brain is up to the task.  It's time I'm short on, since we are now in the middle of the Jewish High Holy Days....)

For now, you can go to the link launcher page, which is from the old website, now under "pages" on the menu at left.  It has links to lots of interesting Jews&Trek-related articles around the Net.  As of this writing I have not re-tested them all yet, but I'll get around to that soon, as well as add new ones.

I'll be adding more pages and re-posting articles soon.  And of course, writing new material.

Please follow this blog to receive updates as I post them.

Live long and Prosper!

P. S. If you are wondering WHY the old site went down, read Oy Vey! I'm being cyber-bullied by IDIOTS!" on my other blog.  TrekJews was a subdomain of  rabbigershom-dot-com, which got  identity-stolen.  There were so many links to it all over the Net that my only choice was to completely shut down the whole site.